Iberital espresso machines

Iberital IB7

Small Size, Big Coffee.

The Iberital IB7 2 Group espresso machine is a fantastic choice for any location wanting to serve great coffee, from a stylish and compact machine. Created to make perfect coffee, you can rely on the IB7 for great coffee, cup after cup.

Its unique design based on vintage machines, combines this image with a technologically advanced model-built form durable materials and stainless-steel panels. A machine designed to give you more, for less.

Available in Four Colours: Iberital Red, Glossy White, Tiffanies Blue & Pure Black.

Iberital Intenz

Capable of meeting the highest of demands, the Iberital Intenz delivers high performance rates, precision, reliability and versatility to meet the unique needs of your business. Marrying impressive performance with exceptional style, this espresso machine is perfect for any business who expect their machine to deliver during busy periods but also look great within any setting.

Using high quality components, such as E61 group heads, this coffee machine is able to meet the highest demand expectations. Intended to reflect both elegance and control, the Iberital Intenz has many features that make it a great machine to use. For example, touchpads offer ergonomic soft-touch operation whilst looking aesthetically pleasing with back-lighting. The steam wands are controlled using large knobs but can also have the option to be lever operated to give increased precision. Each steam wand is adjustable and made with easy-to-clean stainless steel.

This stylish espresso machine is finished to a high standard with stylistic features like smooth curves, a smooth finish and metallic qualities. Having such a quality aesthetic means it would look great in environments where appearances are valued such as bars and restaurants.

Iberital Tandem

Built with worldwide barista insight, the Tandem is the perfect companion for mid-volume coffee shops to high-street outlets looking to brew quality coffee constantly, reliably, and without breaking the bank.

Featuring precise temperature stability for producing best quality espresso; steam wands shaped for crafting delicious lattes and cappuccinos; and the fast turn steam and water knobs for quicker service during busier periods. Plus a design that fits seamlessly onto any countertop, in any environment, and handy, removable baskets atop the machine for quickly and easily moving cups, saucers and shot pots.

Iberital Expression Pro

The Iberital Expression Pro strives for perfection in every sense. Designed to become the true heart of a coffee shop, this espresso machine is lifting the character of the premises with exquisite style and attention to detail. The Iberital Expression Pro is a beautiful addition to any coffee counter with its elegant and minimalist lines.

A host of features come together to make this coffee machine both beautiful yet functional. The backlit LED lights illuminate the working area whilst highlight the sleek design. The display features a user-friendly colour touchscreen interface for easy operation along with soft-touch, flat touchpad buttons. The steam wands are controlled through redesigned ergonomic levers for heightened precision. The larger drip tray offers a wider working area for more freedom of movement and increased comfort.