Macap Grinders

Macap M2D

This espresso only, doserless grinder is fantastic for home or small office use. There is a knob on the bottom of the grinder that allows the user to change the time the grinder is to grind the beans for after the push button is depressed. This programmable dosage feature offers a more consistent dosage of the grinds into the portafilter over the conventional M2 grinder which has a user controlled on/off switch.

The powerful 150-watt motor is more than plenty for the home environment. The steps on the adjustment wheel allow the user to get back to certain settings without the fuss that is found on stepless grinders.

Product Features:
Stepped grinding regulation.
Height-adjustable filter holder.
One programmable dose.
On-Demand Grinder
Blade Size – 50mm dia.
Hopper Capacity – 225g
Width – 152mm Depth – 250mm Height – 382mm
Weight – 4.8kg
Warranty: One-year parts & labour

Macap M42D

The Macap M42D is an on-demand coffee grinder which means that coffee is only ground when you are ready to use it, there is no doser which makes it an ideal coffee grinder for the coffee connoisseur.

The Macap M42D has a blue backlit digital display which allows the user to programme a single dose or a double dose of coffee. The grinder also has a continuous grind option, for example when you want coffee for a cafetière. A single control button gives access to the functions including setting the display language.

The Macap M42D has 58mm flat grinding burrs and the powerful 1680 RPM 250w Motor will grind 2 grams of coffee per second minimizing the amount of heat the ground coffee is subjected to. Adjustment of the grinder is stepless allowing micro adjustment.

Product features:
Three doses programmable
Manual dosing
Grinding output: 2 g/s
Flat grinding blades: Ø 58 mm
Power: 250 W Motor: 1680rpm (60 Hz)
Dimensions: W194 x D308 x H430 mm
Coffee beans: 1.0 Kg
Net weight: 7.3 Kg
Dosing counter
Warranty: One-year parts & labour

Macap MXD

MACAP presents MXD, the new instant doser coffee grinder with flat titanium-coated blades (75mm diam.) with digital programming of grinding time. The appliance has a rear-lit blue display with double rows to give simple and total control of all the functions. This doser coffee grinder has an excellent performance and combines the stepless regulation advantages with specific instant grinding solutions to get the best from the most precious blends.

Product features:
2 programmable doses
Single dose
Double dose
Continuous grinding
Possible activation of continuous grinding
Production +/- 4 gr per second for 230V 50Hz voltage
Dose counter device (resettable partial and total)
Weight – 12 kg
Motor – 480 W
Blades – 75 mm Flat Titanium
Stepless Grind Adjustment
Beans Capacity -1.4kg
Doser Counter: yes
Size (W x D x H): 220 x 600 x 370 mm
Warranty: One-year parts & labour