Barista accessories

All the barista accessories you need to complement your espresso machine

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Milk Jug

Our professional range of quality foaming jug with lined measurements etched on both sides for right and left handed milk frothing, improved accuracy and less wastage. Narrow spout for superior pouring control and latte art. We offer a large range of sizes to suit all your needs.


Coffee levelling tool

Upgrade the quality of your coffee extractions with the Motta Coffee Levelling Tool for 58mm Filter holders. Place the tool onto a filter basket with the correct dose of fresh coffee grounds, then push down and twist clockwise. The angled underside distributes the grounds evenly to help improve consistent extraction. Highly effective when used with a tamper, and very useful for baristas who serve great coffee but want to improve consistency. Professional grade product. Made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel and aluminium


Premium Coffee Grounds Drawer

Place your grinder on top of this premium quality knock box without the grinder tray, you can then simply sweep away any loose coffee grounds through the ventilation holes and into the drawer with the added benefit that you will never have mouldy coffee pucks again



High quality shakers are designed for frequent use in commercial environments for putting the finishing touches on drinks in busy cafes and bars.



We offer a large range of Stylish tampers built to withstand plenty of use in commercial settings

Tamp Mat

Protect your worktop while tamping, our mats provides a sturdy base to tamp coffee grinds.

Tubbi knock box

The large Tubbi can comfortably hold 40 double pucks, with the smaller version being able to hold 10 before it needs emptying. A silicone ring on the bottom prevents movement and reduces noise. To empty just lift the rubber bar out and discard the coffee pucks.