Lavazza espresso machines

Lavazza LB 4723

The Lavazza Blue LB4723 single group espresso machine uses Lavazza BLUE capsules, by placing the BLUE capsules directly into the group handle. It is convenience to use, reduces the need for full barista training because it is is so simple to operate.

With the latest EASY MILK FOAM technology, you can make perfectly textured milk like a pro. This machine also comes with programmable multi-offer selections function, so you can make espresso, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, hot milk and hot water all at your fingertip. You can make two espressos at one time by simply put a double shot espresso capsules into the group handle.

It is very robust and reliable, with guaranteed consistency in crema and taste, it fits well with any professional needs. It is perfect for medium to large sized restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Lavazza LB 4724

Lavazza recently revamped the design of this popular capsule machine. With soft and modern lines the LB4724 still has the customary reliability to satisfy all professional requirements, it is suitable for all cup sizes. It uses exclusively with Lavazza BLUE pods, to produce the consistent drink quality and minimal waste. Also, less barista training is required as the machine is very easy to operate.

It is perfect for large food service environments can provide the perfect drink with the theatre of a barista machine without the need to be a trained barista.

Designed with the aid of Michelin star chefs, this machine uses a range of BLUE capsules so that you can run multiple blends concurrently without the need for multiple grinders.

Versatile, robust and modern, the reliable LB4724 – 2 group Wega commercial espresso machine satisfies every professional need.

Lavazza LB 4724 Specification