Instant coffee machines

Bravilor Bolero XL

The Bolero XL 423 is a commercial hot drinks machine from Bravilor Bonamat with 4 transparent canisters and a unique mixing unit that ensures excellent ingredient flow. A separate hot water tap for tea, allowing for a full range of hot drinks. The menu selection is equipped with an LED backlight for clear selection and the drip tray automatically releases a warning when full. Bravilor’s Bolero XL 423 has a descaling signal and rinsing program for no fuss maintenance. Available in two colours (grey or white), the Bolero XL 423 can also be equipped with a coin operation system for public use.

Bravilor Bolero XL Specification 

Solo – Delicious hot chocolate

The Solo is fast and simple to operate, usable everywhere, requires little maintenance and above all, is hygienic.

A simple and compact machine for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Fast and simple operation and reduced maintenance. The Solo is equipped with one transparent canister and two buttons: 1 for dosage and 1 for the automatic rinsing program. The Bravilor Bonamat hot water system makes the machine less susceptible to scale formation. The unique Bravilor Bonamat mixing system adds a perfect cream layer to the hot chocolate. The machine works with instant or freeze-dried ingredients.

Solo – Delicious hot chocolate Specification

Vitro S2 Instant Coffee machine

The stunning Vitro S2 is a hot drinks machine which is suitable for soluble drinks using freeze dried instant or microgranule coffees to satisfy the UK’s coffee and chocolate lovers.

The Vitro S2 features 4 canisters enabling the machine to deliver two coffees or one coffee and sugar, chocolate and a dairy whitener or cappuccino topping. The result is a machine which looks stylish and although compact has a wide range of up to 10 selections. This is the perfect machine for businesses looking for the quick dispense of hot drinks to their staff and customers.

Vitro S1 Instant

The Vitro S1 Instant has been designed to fit the smallest spaces, it is an autonomous automatic coffee machine including four soluble products as standard – providing the consumer with a varied selection of hot beverages to choose from.